Michael Mann_Duncan Paul

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  • Producent: TASCHEN
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  • Autor: Duncan Paul
  • ISBN: 9783822831410
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  • ISBN: 9783822831410
  • Autor: Duncan Paul    
  • Rok wydania: 2006-09-21
    Ilość stron: 192
    Oprawa: miękka
    Format: 292 x 236 mm

Over the course of the eight feature films he has directed since 1971 (not to mention the several features he has made for television), Michael Mann has shown himself, time and again, to be a rigorous, honest dramatist, a maker of solid worlds. So much so that in America, at least, he tends to be underrated. The most respectful of his critics often define him (a bit too simply) as a "realist." Certainly, whether the subject is thievery ("The Jericho Mile", "Thief", "Heat"), killers ("Manhunter", "Collateral"), frontier life ("The Last of the Mohicans"), the nuanced struggle between the news media and corporate money ("The Insider"), or that of a celebrated athlete looking to find his life's meaning in a world of bigotry ("Ali"), Mann seeks authenticity above all. Whatever suspense, entertainment value, and emotional or philosophical insight his work may yield rises from a truthfully imagined, painstakingly observed set of human beings and their warring intentions. This book explores Mann's multifaceted oeuvre, including his most recent film, "Miami Vice". It is made with full access to Michael Mann's archives!