Africa_Poliza Michael

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  • Producent: Wydawnictwo teNeues
  • Dostępność: ostatnia szt
    Czas realizacji: Zapytaj o dostępność przed dokonaniem płatność
  • Autor: Poliza Michael
  • ISBN: 9783832791278
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  • ISBN: 9783832791278
  • Autor: Poliza Michael    

Rok wydania: 2006-06-30
Ilość stron: 408
Oprawa: twarda
Format: 305 x 337 mm

Put simply, this is the most impressive collection of African wildlife photography we have come across. The book itself is enormous, but unlike many other giant photography tomes, the quality of the reproduction has not been compromised. The images are so razor-sharp that you can see the freckles on a lion s nose, count the eyelashes on a ground hornbill, or trace the fingerprint from a chimpanzee s hand, while the landscape shots deposit you right among the dunes and baobabs. An extraordinary book.